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Business and Professional Coaching


Leadership is a set of behaviors and disciplines that achieve results. As a business professional, you are a leader. You're regularly expected to enlist others in a common vision, clearly articulate goals, and translate intentions into reality.

As a coach, Jane helps business professionals gain a fresh perspective, discover new possibilities, overcome old barriers, act with confidence, and increase the bottom line.

Choose a new path forward. Choose Jane Perry Coaching.

What do others say?


“ Jane Perry was the central driving force in helping me to build a successful and thriving business. She is a great combination of both encouragement and fierceness, and I literally could not have done it without her. ”


John Griffith
Boston, MA




Brand Coaching


Every day you do business you’re building your brand—your reputation. Your can also think of your brand as your promise of the experience your customers can expect from your products, from your service, or from you.

Brand coaching helps you select and build a reputation that will yeild the business results you want. In partnership with her husband Paul—marketer, designer, and fellow coach—Jane works with you and your business to create innovative solutions that will generate results and propel your business forward.

Personal Coaching


Connect one-on-one with Jane to identify and pursue specific areas of change in your life. Where do you want to see significant change—in relationships, business, health, ministry?

What ever your vision is, Jane will stand with you to champion, encourage, and even cajole you into the future you desire.

Jane will help you get clear about your vision, examine your current results, overcome internal conversations that hold you back, and help you engineer new strategies for getting the results you desire.

Couples Coaching


Couples coaching is for couples—married or engaged—who want to take their relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.

Jane will work with you and your partner to help you create a vision for your relationship and then work with you to start living out that vision every day. With the help of an experienced guide—and with the right tools—you can overcome obstacles and create a joyful, rewarding partnership

Buddy Coaching


Much like friends that will pair up and hold each other accountable for early morning workouts at the gym, in buddy coaching Jane becomes your trainer and works with you and a friend to achieve your individual life goals.

With a buddy, you not only have the support of your coach, you have someone to cheer you on and walk through the experience with you. Grab a friend, contact Jane, and start your new life today.

Group Coaching


Group coaching is a team approach to coaching. You and a group of others engage the journey of transformation together using the same vehicle.

Jane leads many forms of group coaching. Your group can choose a book to read together and be coached from the context of that book. You can choose a focus as a group, such as living in freedom or increasing your bottom line. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.



Jane is a gifted communicator and enjoys presenting workshops to small and large groups. She will craft presentations that are tailored for your specific organization, church, and individual needs.

Jane has delivered interactive workshops on topics including: Authentic Communication in the Workplace, Making Changes Stick, and Assessing the Balance in Your Organization.

Latest News

Jane now offers Whole-Life Coaching
July 1, 2015.
New groups forming every few weeks.

The Reinvent Training
July 11, 2015
Jane Perry Coaching is hosting the Reinvent Ministries' Reinvent Training.
Dates: November 13-15
Location: West Lebanon, NH