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Executive Coaching

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Personal Coaching

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Coaching Academy

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Brandon Cook

Jane is one of the finest people and coaches I know. I run a successful coaching practice, and I hire Jane as MY coach, because she makes me better as a professional and as a person. She has an uncanny intuition, a remarkable blend of IQ and EQ, and she doesn’t pull punches when taking a stand for her clients.

Brandon Cook, Naming the Real
Cliff Maher

I had the pleasure of working with Jane as my leadership coach for over a year, and I can’t speak highly enough of her as a person or of my excellent experience with her. She was insightful, collaborative, and had a valuable trove of experiences and resources to call on for my specific situations.

Cliff Maher, Medtronic
Darlene Colwell-Ellis

Over the years I’ve worked with Jane Perry Coaching myself and with my team of agents. Jane is kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable and committed. Jane helped my team get to having honest conversations with each other about the things that really mattered. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

Darlene Colwell-Ellis, Colwell-Ellis Group